Wedgerino, Radio Show, Night Pageant and Charlotte show!

WedgerinoHi there. Sorry I haven’t updated or written in a skoch, but you see I’m lazy. But I’ve got a few emails here asking for updates on more stand-up shows and the the movie. Wedgerino is screening for the first time this Sunday in NYC as part of the Manhattan Film Festival. Very exciting. It’s the first time an audience will see it. Pretty great.
And if you don’t know, Chelsea (my wife) is going to give birth to what seems to be a giant child any day now…Stand up shows start back up again in August. August 8th Charlotte is the first show back. Since the release of “Night Pageant” (and thanks to all those who purchased it..its still for sale) I’ve been writing a new set. And I’m lazy so it’s basically all the same jokes but I’ve made my voice a little higher for them and just tell em again.  So Charlotte, come out for that..and many other dates/cities booking now…
Radio show update? WE are still looking for a producer.
So my plan as I will be spending much time with a newborn every day is to really do more on this site and so I will. I just finished putting in a studio (kind of) in the new place so I’ll be doing tons of audio and trying to drag some of my deliquent yet very talented houseguests on once in a while as well.
Post baby I’d like to make all the shows bigger better and with moooore shit. Good sell? And Taylor (Strecker) and I will be taking “Wake Up LIVE” on the road as well.
 A HUGE thanks to those of you that sniffed out our baby shower shit and were generous enough to get us things. I am forever grateful and feel like a special little fat boy with some really good friends. THANK YOU
Much more to come…and quick..please check back regularly…
Let’s recap:
Wedgerino Sunday
“Night Pageant” for sale on iTunes. (it was #1 for a while) (it was also #233 for a while too)
Charlotte Show 8/8 (tix)
okay have a good one.
Wedgerino, Radio Show, Night Pageant and Charlotte show!