Big Day Today.

because I’m making Philly cheesesteaks for dinner. You know, I apologize for not writing much, leaving my friend, booker and boy toy Matt Ward to give you guys updates. I’ve never liked writing on sites…feels like I’m acting so self important or something.  It’s hard enough to wake up every morning and try hard to be normal…And you’ve seen how that has worked out. So I’d rather just text you or something. 

Or just come over. If you are ever in Brooklyn and I am here email me at and we should hang out. 

So yeah, Philly Cheesesteaks…that actually taste like Philly…my friend from middle school. He loved Taco Bell. 

Like I would rather just post audio up here daily than write. 

Okay Be Cool

Check out the dates on the “Tour Dates” tab…come see me and my flesh .

Thank you, 


Big Day Today.