American Pickers

Yes hello. I’m just sitting here watching American Pickers. Pretty sure I’d like this show better if it were about wedgies. I’m certain they’ll be a show only about wedgies in the future. It follows a guy and a girl around to different parts of the country because they’ve heard of legendary times where people had their under way up their ass and help them remove it.

We drove 900 miles this week heading to Arizona as we have heard of a boy here who once stretched from the gutter to the ground with what has been called the House Wedgie. Could be our toughest pick yet!” 

That guy actually wrote a book about the whole experience. It’s called “From The Gutter To The Ground: The William Carlson Story”.


I’m traveling soon to Kansas City MO and St Louis MO again soon to do some shows. Come to those shows. Bring the ‘cue! We’ll do some picking! (meaning: I’ll give you a wedgie)

or that would be some great performance art right? A stage show where a performer invites members of the audience to volunteer on stage and get wedgies…

DO I have a wedgie right now? Why am I talking so much about wedgies? I’ve never said wedgie this much in my entire life. 

This week, the radio show “Wake Up with Taylor” started an hour earlier. Now 6am EST. later west coast. nice knowing you. I was just out in Vancouver (beautiful) Portland and Seattle. It was nice to see those of you the came out to shows. Portland show was a teeny bit magical it felt like. Just felt like the whole room (small small crowd) was on the same page. Thanks to Funhouse Lounge and all the other comics. So yeah, radio show moved up earlier…we’ve been moved around quite a bit over the past few years. Bleh. Not our choice. These things do happen ALL THE TIME.

This is fun.

Y’all need to tell your friends to come see me live.

K I was just testing this out.

Alright. Sorry for all that wedgie shit. On this website you’ll notice that there are audio files that can be played. Please do that. I’ll do much more.


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AND send me some delicious recipes PLEASE! just made banana bread today. yeah. banana. bread.

This was fun. I should do this.