There is a new show..”Open Wider” with Kenny Z…I am on it along with my friend Dr Wider. She’s a doctor skank and I’m a well hung scumbag fuck.  (this is a TEST)

Today, the boy woke up and hour early. Which means I woke up an hour early. I want to fight. Just so happens that today is my day off (from being a stay at home Dizzad) and so I’d rather not be dragon ass all day.

I’ve been typing in the mornings and so I figured let me learn how to use my website and stop being some kind of a jerk.

So to try some stuff out here’s a picture:


A nice view of a Costa Rican shoreline. Very nice. Cold as shit where I am.

ok that worked…how about a piece of sound? can I do that?

wow. ok.

Well this is neat. One small piece of the puzzle. I knew a guy in high school that would call hot dogs “pieces of ass” to be funny. He would order them that way. “let me get two pieces of ass…you know hot dogs”…so wonderful.

Yes so there is a few new things. Just started a regular Medical Entertainment show. that has to be a genre. “Open Wider with Kenny Z”. I play Kenny Z on it. I started it with my good friend Dr. Wider…A wonderful doctor and a funny lady. (I write like its a 1st grade book report)

let me see if I even know how to link to Wider’s site. Here it is:http:


Alright.  So. It’s a new year. Great. Theres a new Zimlingshow, which now begins weekly coming out this week. And check out “Christmas Magnificent” on Zimlingshow as well. In fact let me post a link:


alright I promise I won’t just keep plugging in my new journal (this)

BUT there’s a few LIVE show dates….

Wilmington NC…2/10 and 2/11 https://deadcrowcomedy-com.seatengine.com

Pittsburgh PA 2/17 LINK COMING

okay — —————

Might change my name to Kenny Zon.  I really like it.

Being a stay at home dad is a neat thing. Because if you’re already kind of nuts…like anxious or hyper thoughtful (I made that up for overthinking), the kid won’t make you nuts. I level out. he’s so hyper aware of everything and of course remembers a ton of stuff. This morning I was like “well, ha, here’s the real overthinker”. Point is, I’m no longer the one who thinks too much in this house! The baby child is…Right?

You watch the Golden Globes? I saw the opening and a few things but just lost interest.

(Thats my entertainment news for the post)

Sweet test.

Send me an email ABOUT anything if you wish at Ken.zimlinghaus@gmail.com

Thanks for being my friend,

Kenny Zon.