St. Louis Show tonight!


Performing tonight at Koken Art Factory in St. Louis.  Here is the info for the show. Koken Art Factory 2500 Ohio Ave, St. Louis 63104 7pm Doors 8pm Showtime $15 in Advance $18 at the door Tickets>>

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Did you know there’s an “anti-itch” aisle at Wal-Mart? I did not. We play a commercial on the radio show over here (Wake Up with Taylor SiriusXM Stars 109 6a-9a) and Chuck Wollery says you can find this not “greezy” product in the anti-itch aisle.  What a place we live in. What a world. We have anti-itch aisles!! That’s amazing. ...

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Banana Bread


I’m not much of a baker, but this banana bread is splendid. Wish I had the technology on the site that would let you taste it while I taste you. Gonna be years before that though. Also very creepy. Bring some to a show, I am sick of how Marc Maron is the one getting all the goodies.  

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American Pickers


Yes hello. I’m just sitting here watching American Pickers. Pretty sure I’d like this show better if it were about wedgies. I’m certain they’ll be a show only about wedgies in the future. It follows a guy and a girl around to different parts of the country because they’ve heard of legendary times where people had their under way up ...

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Tonight in Vancouver


Yes hello. I hope you’re having a really wonderful week so far. Hope your pets are healthy. I woke up this morning in the great state of Washington. I don’t know if it’s great but I feel like everything has to seem so wonderful or else there’s really no point in writing this. Tonight I’ve got a show in Vancouver BC ...

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Davis Square Theatre this Saturday with Taylor is SOLD OUT!


I am pumped to have Taylor Strecker join me for a show this weekend at Davis Square Theatre in Somerville.  For those of you that don’t know (not likely) I am Taylor’s co-host on Wake Up With Taylor on Sirius XM 106.  She will be staring out the show and I will be performing a full set up of stand-up. ...

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